Midsummer Musings

Posted by Juliet Mueller on Sat, Jul 17, 21

Ahoy, mateys, and welcome aboard S.S. Camp Hollow! We’ve taken to the sea this week, along with millions of others who share a vested interest in a certain carnivorous ocean dweller. Every summer for over 30 years, a cultural and scientific appreciation for the much-maligned shark translates into a week-long media event that holds the nation captive to our own fears and fascinations. That’s right…. It's Shark Week! To celebrate the return of this titillating television tradition, we turned our eye to some of our favorite fishy figurines and created a special set for our customers to mark the occasion. Our signature miniature figurines shrink down even the fiercest predators into harmless companions, and our brand new magnifying Helm Necklace helps you see them in all of their tiny glory. There was a real feeding frenzy on this bundle though, and we sold out on day one! Stay tuned for a restock in the coming weeks, or shop our World’s Tiniest Hammerhead Shark, Great Pink Shark, and Leopard Shark separately. 


Meanwhile on land, we got to work debuting some new pieces in our limited edition white and gold line! Our new additions come from places of myth and magic, and draw inspiration from storybooks and fairy tales. The legendary jackalope-- one part jackrabbit and one part antelope-- has hopped its way through folklore for centuries before arriving in its hand-painted, porcelain glory at Camp Hollow. The special edition version of this charm boasts beautiful golden antlers that make the little creature all the more magnificent. Our Pegasus Necklace also got the touch of gold treatment, making the majestic wings of this Grecian creature shimmer and glow.


At Camp Hollow, our heads are always up in the clouds, deep in the forest or under the sea, looking for inspiration from nature and dreams to create our porcelain pieces. But we also have our ear to the ground when it comes to what our customers want to see us make. We get requests for new products every day on our social media pages and through our website, and we’ve been collecting and considering all of your amazing suggestions. We narrowed the list down to the most popular requests, did some early design work to get an idea of what the products would look like, and decided to run a voting contest on our Instagram to give our customers and supporters the chance to help choose our next Camp Hollow necklace! Make sure you’re following us on Instagram at @camphollowstudio-- voting will begin on our Stories soon! Here’s a sneak peak of some of the designs in the running: 

Thanks for reading! The Camp Hollow team hopes you had a ferocious Shark Week and a dreamy first half of July. We can’t wait to connect with you more on social media, especially as we get our design contest rolling next week. We have a lovely and growing community of Campers over on Instagram and Facebook, but we’re testing the waters of TikTok and Pinterest as well so don’t hesitate to visit us there! Stay tuned for more imaginative and impossibly cute pieces created with love by our talented artists and collaborators, and be sure to keep following along for new product launches, updates, and videos, and more.