Calling All Adventurers! Camp Hollow's Trail of Treasures Awaits...

Posted by Juliet Mueller on Wed, Feb 09, 22

Creatures from all corners of our vast planet come together in Camp Hollow's brand new Trail of Treasures set! Nine porcelain animal charms represent creatures from all different environments and climates, celebrating biodiversity and conservation for some of Earth's most magnificent creatures. Each set comes with our Gold Steel Charm Bracelet, the perfect receptacle for the Dog, Owl, Manatee, Polar Bear, Puffer Fish, Red Panda, Dinosaur, Zebra, and Piglet charms. Camp Hollow's Trail of Treasures set is the ideal package for anyone with an adventure in their heart and nature in their spirit. 


When you open the box and set your eyes on the interactive map, you won't be able to help getting drawn into the story....

You wake from a deep, peaceful rest on the soft ground of your cozy little tent, feeling the gentle cushion of the long grass beneath you, listening to the orchestra of chirping birds and buzzing insects just beyond the canvas walls. The air smells sweet and fresh, like dew drying in the sunlight of a new spring day. You blink back sleep and sit up, when a shining glint of gold near the entrance of the tent catches your eye. You move towards it, drawn like a moth to the light, and find a delicate, golden chain hanging from the wall, and understand you've been left a gift. You slip it on your wrist and it fits perfectly, like it was made just for you.


Pulling back the curtain to the world outside, you go to look for the generous soul who left you the golden gift, and instead are greeted with a sprawling, magnificent sight. It seems the entire world has been spread before you, like a map to a magical realm has folded open and materialized in reality.


Your tent exists in the center of an expansive field, overgrown with soft, brilliantly green grass and wildflowers haloed with bees and butterflies. Behind you rests the edge of a mighty forest, the tree trunks as thick and wide skyscrapers, reaching up to form a dense, leafy canopy. An owl spreads its massive wings and ascends in flight over the tree line, cooing loudly all the way. In a daze of wonderment you continue to look around, marveling at all you see. A raging river is in view, its waters twisting in dizzying spirals before flowing out to an ocean that stretches to kiss the blue line of the horizon. You watch manatees float along the current, see in your mind's eye as they meet puffer fish, blue whales and pink sharks in the salty sea. An iceberg floats into the scene, and you notice the icy expanse of a tundra for the first time, polar bears playing in the gently falling snow. Slate-grey mountains capped with white poke out from the landscape at every angle, and you imagine red pandas nestled in the alpine trees, giant dinosaur footprints fossilized in the ancient stone. Beyond the mountains lies the desert-- miles and miles of sand rolling in golden waves, burning under the hot glow of the sun. You focus your eyes and begin to see clusters of acacia trees, their shrubby branches spreading wide and providing shade for zebras, piglets, and more of the savanna's wild inhabitants. It's all too beautiful, too mighty and magical to take in at once.

You close your eyes and pinch yourself to wake up from this amazing dream, but when you look up again it's all still there. In a daze, you begin to walk along the trail from your tent down to the small village before you, but halfway down the path you're greeted by a new friend. A little dog brushes your leg, perfectly sweet and eager to see you. When you reach down to pat his head, something incredible happens. You feel it first-- a small pop on your wrist, right where your golden bracelet touches your skin. Hanging from the chain now is a tiny, delicate version of the pup before you! You realize that all of the things you encounter in this magical world will become a part of you, and know immediately that an epic adventure awaits.