Meet the Artists


J.K Dreamer portrait


JK.Dreamer is an anonymous artist living and working somewhere in the wild mountains of Utah.  With his handcrafted creations, he aims to capture the beauty of nature.  Whether he is depicting vast landscapes or creating figures of tiny animals, his work contains the charm and authenticity that can only come when an artist is truly devoted to his craft.

Before taking on his alias, JK.Dreamer spent his youth pursuing a career in 3D animation, hoping to work on big budget movies.  He spent his formative years building the foundation of his artistry and spent the first two years of his college career pursuing an art degree.  Soon however, life got in the way.  Upon learning of the impending birth of his first child, he decided to do the responsible thing and switch his degree to finance, eventually landing a run-of-the-mill job in a corporate office.

For a while, he was happy, or so he thought. But a steady salary and job security weren’t enough to make up for the loss of his artistic ambitions.  During endless hours spent staring into his computer, he began dreaming about returning to the life of an artist.  With one child already born and another one on the way, he knew it wouldn’t be easy.  It wasn’t the most practical decision, but with thoughts of philosophy, nature, animals, and art circling his mind, he knew he had to take the plunge.

Inspired by his lifelong love of wildlife, JK.Dreamer launched Camp Hollow - an artistic collection specializing in porcelain animal jewelry and figurines.  Not only were these charming little creations were an overnight hit, but they allowed the artist and his collaborators to begin pursuing their creations full time.  Since then, he has branched off into several different mediums, expanding his empire and spreading his love of nature with an ever-growing collection of followers.

JK.Dreamer may not be a real name, but the feelings inspired by his art couldn’t be truer.  He has grown into an exceptionally interesting creator, constantly finding new ways to express the magic of nature.  JK.Dreamer is excited to take his career to new levels as he continues to explore new ways to use his artwork to inspire and uplift.



Gabi is a sculptor with a passion for creating imaginative, animal themed works of art.  Being creative gives her a sense of inner happiness and peace, feelings which she wishes to convey with every piece she designs.  She believes that artists have the ability to reflect the world around them, reveal hidden truths, or simply create new realities. 

 Gabi is entirely self taught as an artist, giving her a distinctive voice.  She is a patient, introspective artist with an uncanny ability to create fascinating animal themed images.  Gabi continues to grow as both an artist and individual, and is dedicated to making the most of her unique abilities. 



Gayana is a stop motion specialist based in Moscow, Russia.  A lifelong artist with a passion for finding beauty in the ordinary, she is excited to bring her lovely visualizations to Camp Hollow.  Creative, ambitious, and dedicated to creating meaningful art, she is excited to embrace whatever possibilities the future holds.

 Gayanas art education has been diverse and prolific.  She originally fell in love with the melancholic beauty of artists like Van Gogh, and spent much of her childhood learning about the great painters.  Eventually, she pivoted into fashion history, and later, working in the television industry.  Every one of these experiences gave her the unique opportunity to continue growing as an artist.

Aside from spending time with her family, nothing brings Gayana more joy than bringing characters and stories to life.  She loves the feeling of creating new worlds for her audience to take part in.  Gayana looks forward to sharing her passion with like minded individuals around the world.



Hannah believes that an artist's purpose in life is to illuminate the beautiful connections that bring human beings together.  As a freelance animator, illustrator, and designer, she has created inspiring content for countless clients.  Creativity is a source of pure joy for Hannah, and she intends to do everything in her power to use her artistic abilities to make the world a more positive place. 

Hannah was born in Durham, North Carolina.  She took a keen interest in the arts at a young age and began studying modern dance as a teenager.  After graduating from The North Carolina School of the Arts, she embarked on a rewarding dancing career that saw her performing all over her home region.  Eventually, she would pivot to clay animation, which proved to be the perfect art form for her to take advantage of her many creative interests.

Hannah currently lives in New Jersey, where she creates and collaborates with her husband at Berlin Studios.  She is dedicated to working ceaselessly to find new ways of expressing her interest in nature, love, music, and human connection. 



Joe, AKA American Trappist, is a non-binary multi-disciplinary artist with a unique way of bringing his creative vision to life.  He dives deeply into the intricacies of life, exploring difficult topics with the goal of creating an enduring source of inspiration and growth.  Joe believes that art provides people with a way of finding their true selves, and he is steadfastly committed to accomplishing this goal.

Joe has always been particularly attracted to abstract, chaotic, and ultimately beautiful works of art.  From the melancholy poetry of Leonard Cohen to the surreal imagery of Rene Magritte, he has always been attracted to artists who approach their work with no fear.  He has led a prolific career as a touring musician and film photographer, always approaching his work with the same level of care and craftsmanship.

Joe currently resides in New Jersey with his wife, Hannah.  He remains true to his goal of acting as a 'steward of the human condition,' hoping to ultimately create art that will long outlive him.