For the most unique porcelain animal figurine collections you have ever seen, check out Camp Hollow’s tiny series of collectibles. We are proud to offer the world’s tiniest animal figurines, each lovingly created and hand painted right here, by our team. Choose from teddy bears, whales, ladybugs, pigs, dogs, fish and more. Don’t let their diminutive size fool you. Each of our animal figurines is created from durable and eco-friendly porcelain, allowing us to incorporate a phenomenal level of detail. Our limited edition figurines are ideal for gift giving and collecting. In fact, these heirloom quality collectibles will become a valued addition to your family for generations to come. We carefully pack your selections in their own gift box and ship them to you for free, within the United States. Each of our tiny collectibles carries an equally diminutive price tag, so you can collect them all.

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