World's Tiniest Leopard Shark Figurine (AP025)

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From muddy bays and estuaries to the sandy bottoms of the ocean floor comes the humble Leopard Shark, the cartilaginous carnivore known for its spotted skin. This Pacific-dwelling predator typically grows up to 7 feet, but the ones we've got swimmin' around Camp Hollow are a little smaller. Introducing the World's Tiniest Leopard Shark, small enough to fit on the tip of your finger, and cute enough to look at all day long.

Camp Hollow’s tiny porcelain animal figurines take some of the world’s coolest creatures and shrink them down into the most miniature versions you can imagine. These little sculptures are impossibly tiny (12mm!), and still incredibly detailed and intricate! Each figurine is made of ceramic porcelain and a little stardust, and comes individually packaged in a gift box.

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