The Call of the Wild: How Camp Hollow Brings Us Closer to the Natural World

Posted by Katherine Leonard on Tue, Feb 21, 23

Why do we love nature?

Young Woman with glasses looking out a window

We all know it makes us feel at ease, but where does our love for nature come from?

Our minds associate animals and plants with a rich environment. Forrests and landscapes with a diverse range of creatures indicates that we are in the perfect place for life to thrive. The sound of running water excites the senses and we are delighted by the vibrant colours of flowers and fauna. Nature is an indication of life and a celebration of life’s perseverance.

Watercolour landscapes overlapping into a pattern

Artist have found solace and inspiration in nature. Watching animals in their environments can be soothing and gives us time to apprentice life in all it’s complexity. We find peace in nature, our souls can are at one with  the world around us. It is evident in our work, Camp Hollow is inspired by animals and nature. 

The outside world comes with a sense of freedom and adventure that we see as children.

Child in a field blowing a dandelion clock

Nature gives us a stillness we rarely find in modern life. When we are so drawn into the digital world, we lose touch with our bodies, our environment and the earth. Open space gives us fresh air, a space to run and use of pent up energy. Taking a walk in nature does wonders for your physical and mental wellbeing. 

We hope our pieces help to ground you and remind you of what is truly important – they are expressions of the spirit of the animals they represent, imbued with the magic and wonder of the natural world.Woman with glasses laying on a tree bark