Cat Jewelry & Dog Necklaces: Perfect Gifts for Pet Owners!

Posted by SEO Werkz on Tue, Jan 19, 21

In a world where trendy and temporary often seem to rule, Camp Hollow dares to be different, providing lasting, handcrafted, heirloom-quality animal jewelry created with inspiration from every corner of the globe.

Our tiny, porcelain, miniature pieces of animal jewelry and collectibles are so precious, they’re impossible not to love. This month, we’re featuring cat and dog animal necklaces, as these pets have become such extra-special beloved and faithful companions during our period of struggle and isolation.

Delightful Cat Animal Necklaces

If you or someone you love has a sleek, silver cat, our charming gray cat necklace on a 24-inch chain is the perfect gift. This lovable cat charm necklace has been crafted with an adorable expression that will undoubtedly warm the heart of any recipient.

Our Persian cat necklace represents a snow-white version of this oh-so-popular breed, best known for its role in commercials as the Fancy Feast cat. Lovable and pristinely pure, this stunning piece of cat jewelry is a true attention-getter.

We are Siamese if you please/We are Siamese if you don’t please,” goes the famous song from Lady and the Tramp. Our Siamese cat necklace is much friendlier than the famous pair from the movie! It depicts a chocolate point Siamese cat with a creamy white body and chocolate brown paws, ears, nose and tail. This cat pendant necklace will definitely be treasured by any Siamese cat lover who receives it.

During Halloween and all year-round, black cats are beloved by all. Their sleek, dark bodies and bright eyes make them a beauty to behold. Our black cat necklace will be a favorite addition to any cat-lovers jewelry box.

Dainty Dog Animal Necklaces

Golden retrievers are beautiful, majestic dogs, and our golden retriever necklace depicts this pooch permanently in its puppy stage. Hand-painted in gold with white paws and a white nose, this cute animal necklace is a must-have for every golden retriever owner. Give this dog mom necklace to your favorite retriever owner for Mother’s Day or her birthday!

Our classically depicted orange and white Pomeranian pup necklace looks so lifelike you’ll expect to hear her bark at any moment! From northern Europe, Pomeranians are covered in thick, warm fur, making them the perfect cuddling companion. Add our itty-bitty Pomeranian collectible to your necklace order and create the perfect gift set for your loved one!

Camp Hollow Cherished Miniatures

Bring a little joy into the life of your loved one with an animal necklace, animal ring, animal cake topper or tiny miniature from Camp Hollow. Whether the recipient is 5 or 105, they will be sure to love your endearing and thoughtful gift. Browse our website today for more gift ideas!