Lamb & Fawn Animal Necklaces Make Great Spring Gifts

Posted by SEO Werkz on Thu, Mar 04, 21

Pssst! Did you hear? Spring is coming! Even though spring always shows up eventually, every year there’s always a point at which we wonder if this is the year it’s not coming. We’re happy to be wrong, and we’d like to help you celebrate the coming of spring 2021 by offering you some of the most adorable spring-themed animal necklaces and other animal jewelry from the artists at Camp Hollow.

Most of us have heard, “Hope springs eternal,” but the reverse is also true — spring is a time of hope and celebration. People across the globe are rejoicing after the end of a long, dark, cold winter (and this last one seemed a lot longer, darker and colder than most others in memory).

Everyone is looking for evidence of spring — daffodils and crocuses poking their heads above the warm earth, longer days and the growing bellies of animals preparing to give birth to their young.

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Spring Lamb Necklaces

Sheep, having been domesticated around 10,000 B.C., are the animals we so frequently witness growing and birthing their young. And that’s one reason they have inspired our artists to create our Spring Lamb Necklace.

This tiny, enchanting white lamb is crowned with a wreath of leaves and adorned with tiny bouquets of flowers on its body. Its sleepy doe eyes telegraph to the world its recent birth — and its exhaustion from the ordeal. But lambs get little time to rest — Mama Ewe cleans them off and encourages them to stand and nurse within minutes of being born.

Soft, white, fluffy and sweet, lambs are frequently chosen as “loveys” and comfort toys for babies and small children. In real life, their high-pitched bah-ing make them a favorite of herders, farmers and passers-by alike.

Our tiny Spring Lamb Necklace comes on a 24-inch gold chain and makes a great gift for anyone who loves babies, animals or both!

Fawn Necklaces

Also perfect for spring is our Fawn Necklace, depicting an adorable brown baby deer dotted with the white spots these vulnerable young’uns need to stay hidden in forests and fields until they can grow big enough to run fast.

Gazing upon this tiny replica, you will undoubtedly be reminded of Bambi, the iconic Disney character who overcame adversity to grow into a strong and capable adult.

But your fawn will never grow — it will remain a tiny baby on the end of a 24-inch chain eternally. With its quiet, serious gaze and one foot off the ground as if it may make a break for it at any moment, this fawn will rely on you for the protection only you can provide.

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