What Does the Fox (Necklace) Say?

Posted by SEO Werkz on Mon, May 24, 21

Are you a fox fan? Do you freak for foxes? Well, we have some fox jewelry for you.

Mind you, it’s not that easy to find fox jewelry — especially well-made, handcrafted fox jewelry. All too often, shoppers revert to the old standbys: tigers, giraffes, bears. Here at Camp Hollow, we make jewelry outside the box (but we ship it in a box). We like to give equal time to unusual creatures: narwhals, jackelopes, giant sloths.

Foxes are both much beloved and much maligned in literature. They are hunters, like wolves and cheetahs, but somehow became notorious for their slyness. We know, however, that our foxes are beautiful, respectable creatures with bright, bushy, white-tipped red tails.

fox jewelry

Delightful Fox Jewelry

Our red fox necklace captures this gorgeous animal in profile, in all his lithe and graceful beauty. On all fours, he looks out on the world with a steady gaze from his spot around your neck, observing and protecting.

At Camp Hollow, we love foxes so much that we have created two fox necklaces. The second, called Fox “Welcome to a New World” Necklace, depicts the red fox sitting upright, his bushy tail wrapped around his legs for warmth and comfort. He sports a slight smile and a lei around his neck. It’s not that often foxes get invited to luaus, and this fox wore his lei for several weeks afterward.

Collectible Cake Toppers

Our artisans have also created a fox cake topper that stands sturdily atop a birthday cake and holds a candle. Suitable for children who are major fans of Dr. Suess’s Fox in Socks or Disney’s Fox and the Hound(or adults who just love foxes), this fox cake topper stands on all fours balancing the candle on his back. He arrives at your party sporting a pointy, polka-dot party hat and a warm smile.

Collect all 12 of our animal cake toppers and show them off in between parties by displaying them on a shelf or windowsill. Your friends will marvel at the detail and the amazing craftsmanship.

If they’re careful, you can let your children play with the cake toppers, helping to stimulate their imagination as they make up stories involving pandas, rhinos, flamingos, crickets, gorillas and more. All our cake toppers are the same size, so no need to worry about mixing the T-rex and the lion in with the zebra and the deer.

Camp Hollow Animal Jewelry

If you love our fox jewelry, you’re sure to find another animal ring or necklace you’ll want to go with it. Check out all our tiny collectible figurines as well.

Fox in Socks, our game is done, sir.
Thank you for a lot of fun, sir.