Camp Hollow Alphabet Minis

Posted by Juliet Mueller on Tue, Mar 01, 22


A Camp Hollow miniature for every letter of the alphabet! 


A is for Alligator, but don’t be afraid-- our miniature version is adorably adorned and artfully made! Alligators are ancient as fossils and awesomely strong, and now tiny enough to always carry along.


B is for Bear, the beautiful beast! Oft big, brazen, and bold, to say the least. But bears at Camp Hollow are blue-hued and bright, a bit bashful but friendly, and always a delight. Bitty as could be with a paw waving “hi!”, how could anyone resist this beaming little guy?



C is for Cat: curious, cute and cuddly to boot! A creature coy and cautious too, as having nine lives is sometimes too few. But worry not with this feline friend-- there are many years to come. For it is crafted by hand with clay from the land, and will last for life and then some. Listen now for the tiniest meow ever heard-- we have miniature cats at Camp Hollow, spread the word!


D is for Dog, didn’t you guess! The descendants  of wolves, they’re dutiful, smart, and wild at heart. Dynamic and diverse with so many breeds, built for devotion and companionship, sniffing and speed. Though Camp Hollow’s pups are porcelain, do not write them off! They may still beg for treats or walks-- do try not to scoff. Ceramic or not, you’ll still feel the spark, as man’s best friend has only love in its bark.



E is for Elephantenormous in heart. Entrancing and elusive, and oh so smart! From savannas to grasslands to highlands they’re found, leaving expansive footprints etched in the ground. Or maybe they’ve stopped for a drink from their trunk, a sight so sweet it'll pull anyone out of a funk. Exceedingly tiny now that they’re here, at Camp Hollow these big giant beats are nothing to fear! 



F is for Frog, free as can be as he leaps from lily pad to log. Vibrantly green with a croak like a song, you can't miss him as he hops merrily along.



G is for Giraffe, the savanna's gentle giant! With gorgeous spots and a graceful gait, it moves through the trees, tall and defiant. A gargantuan creature turned tiny by magic, still retaining its beauty down to each glowing feature. In the grasslands they graze as the sun sets in a haze, so glorious and golden you could watch them for days. 



H is for Horse, of course! These hallowed beings run wild and free, their long manes flowing in the breeze near the sea. A site so heavenly you'd think it a fable, 'til you see them resting, sweet in the stable. Coats shiny and thick and tinted rich brown, their majesty preserved even when scaled way down. 



What creatures will be next? Follow along to find out! If you have a hunch on what's in store for I-Z, don't be afraid to give us a shout!