Raccoon-a-palooza! - Camp Hollow


Happy Saturday, Campers! July has come to a close, ending another exciting month here at Camp Hollow.

Can you believe we’re halfway through the year already?! The middle point always seems to sneak up on us, and it can be pretty jarring to realize that time is passing by so quickly, especially when there’s so much we want to do and create and explore.

So this month, with almost half of 2021 at our backs, we...

Midsummer Musings - Camp Hollow

Midsummer Musings

Ahoy, mateys, and welcome aboard S.S. Camp Hollow!

We’ve taken to the sea this week, along with millions of others who share a vested interest in a certain carnivorous ocean dweller.

Every summer for over 30 years, a cultural and scientific appreciation for the much-maligned shark translates into a week-long media event that holds the nation captive to our own fears and fascinations.

That’s right…. It's Shark Week! 

June Bloom - Camp Hollow

June Bloom

Summer is in full swing here at Camp Hollow! The season for ocean breezes and salty air, bright sunshine and tan lines, warm evenings and fireflies at dusk, and nature bursting forth in all its green glory.

That special summer magic has such an influence over how we feel, how we act, and of course, how we dress! That’s why we’ve been gravitating towards some of our brighter, bubblier pieces this month-- the ones that bring a...

What Does the Fox (Necklace) Say? - Camp Hollow

What Does the Fox (Necklace) Say?

Are you a fox fan? Do you freak for foxes? Well, we have some fox jewelry for you.
Mind you, it’s not that easy to find fox jewelry — especially well-made, handcrafted fox jewelry.

All too often, shoppers revert to the old standbys: tigers, giraffes, bears. Here at Camp Hollow, we make jewelry outside the box (but we ship it in a box). 

Wise Up and Get Your Very Own Owl Necklace - Camp Hollow

Wise Up and Get Your Very Own Owl Necklace

Owls are often thought of as mysterious creatures, no doubt due to the fact that they’re a quiet lot that keeps to themselves for the most part. But really, they’re just a bit introverted, and once they get to know you, they’re full of funny little jokes and idle conversation...
Lamb & Fawn Animal Necklaces Make Great Spring Gifts - Camp Hollow

Lamb & Fawn Animal Necklaces Make Great Spring Gifts

Pssst! Did you hear? Spring is coming! Even though spring always shows up eventually, every year there’s always a point at which we wonder if this is the year it’s not coming. We’re happy to be wrong, and we’d like to help you celebrate the coming of spring 2021 by offering you some of the most adorable spring-themed...

Animal Jewelry for Valentine’s Day - Camp Hollow

Animal Jewelry for Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day is a bright spot right smack in the middle of a dreary winter, and there's no better gift for your loved one to commemorate this time than an animal necklace, animal ring or adorable collectible.

Camp Hollow's selection of tiny, whimsical animal figurines is more than just delightful — these creatures inspire creativity, imagination and magical thinking...

Cat Jewelry & Dog Necklaces: Perfect Gifts for Pet Owners! - Camp Hollow

Cat Jewelry & Dog Necklaces: Perfect Gifts for Pet Owners!

In a world where trendy and temporary often seem to rule, Camp Hollow dares to be different, providing lasting, handcrafted, heirloom-quality animal jewelry created with inspiration from every corner of the globe.

Our tiny, porcelain, miniature pieces of animal jewelry and collectibles are so precious, they’re impossible not to love. This month, we’re featuring cat and dog animal necklaces, as these pets have become such extra-special beloved and faithful companions during our period of struggle and isolation.