The Story of the Great Race - Camp Hollow

The Story of the Great Race

Many, many moons ago, on the birthday of the deity known as the Jade Emperor, the animals were gathered to participate in a great race-- the results of which would determine the names of each year in the Chinese Zodiac.

At the final part of the race, the creatures found that to win, they would have to cross a vast, raging river, and meet the Emperor on the bank on the other side.

The years in the calendar...

Take a walk through the woods with your favorite Camp Hollow creatures... - Camp Hollow

Take a walk through the woods with your favorite Camp Hollow creatures...

It’s a beautiful, sunny day here at Camp Hollow, perfect for a long hike through the forest and up into the mountains. Join us as we explore this magical land and all the hidden beauty it possesses.

Close your eyes and smell the aroma of wonder and magic in the air, hear the birdsongs and the rush of the wind. Allow yourself to be transported to this lush, lovely place. Are you there?

Camp Hollow Alphabet Minis - Camp Hollow

Camp Hollow Alphabet Minis

A Camp Hollow miniature for every letter of the alphabet!

A is for Alligator, but don’t be afraid-- our miniature version is adorably adorned and artfully made! Alligators are ancient as fossils and awesomely strong, and now tiny enough to always carry along.

How to Clean and Care For Your Camp Hollow Ceramics! - Camp Hollow

How to Clean and Care For Your Camp Hollow Ceramics!

An elegant and dynamic alternative to typical jewelry mediums, ceramic has a reputation for being a durable, beautiful, and organic material.

The artistry, craftsmanship, and level of detail displayed in each of Camp Hollow’s handmade items speaks to the versatility of ceramic, and inspires us to further push the boundaries of the medium.

From our World’s Smallest Animal Figurine series to our wide range of nature-inspired necklaces and cake toppers, Camp Hollow remains a leading champion of artisanal...

Calling All Adventurers! Camp Hollow's Trail of Treasures Awaits... - Camp Hollow

Calling All Adventurers! Camp Hollow's Trail of Treasures Awaits...

Creatures from all corners of our vast planet come together in Camp Hollow's brand new Trail of Treasures set! Nine porcelain animal charms represent creatures from all different environments and climates, celebrating biodiversity and conservation for some of Earth's most magnificent creatures.

Each set comes with our Gold Steel Charm Bracelet, the perfect receptacle for the Dog, Owl, Manatee, Polar Bear, Puffer Fish, Red Panda, Dinosaur, Zebra, and Piglet charms.

Camp Hollow's Trail of Treasures set is the...

Happy New Year! - Camp Hollow

Happy New Year!

New Year’s Eve is here and we’re so excited to ring in 2022!

The Camp Hollow team couldn’t be more proud of the year we’ve had, or more excited about the future to come. In 2021, we were fully devoted to our mission to showcase the beauty and magic of nature through one-of-a-kind, artisan-made pieces that spark childlike wonder and joy.

We embraced the spirit of adventure and discovery that inspired us to build Camp Hollow...

Merry Christmas from your friends at Camp Hollow! - Camp Hollow

Merry Christmas from your friends at Camp Hollow!

The winter holidays are here, and the Camp Hollow team is so excited to spread the Christmas cheer.

When our neighborhoods get covered with snow and glazed with ice as winter envelops the northern hemisphere of the earth, we know that the jolliest of times are right around the corner.

Even after the uncertainty of the last few years, it is clear still that the holidays are for celebrating joy with our closest friends and family, and showing the...

An adventure awaits at Camp Hollow! - Camp Hollow

An adventure awaits at Camp Hollow!

Find yourself awestruck by the magic of nature when you browse the beautiful collection of handcrafted porcelain jewelry we’ve built here at Camp Hollow Studio.

Our catalog of unique and timeless keepsakes helps breathe new life into your personal style, and strives to bring the joyful spirit of Mother Earth into the lives of you and your loved ones. 

🎃 It’s Camp Holloween! - Camp Hollow

🎃 It’s Camp Holloween!

Tricks and treats, toil and trouble, little black cats and witches hats! Gather 'round the campfire to hear about all of the hocus pocus going on at Camp Hollow this month...

All of the tell-tale signs are here: a slight chill is in the air, the leaves have begun their colorful metamorphosis, the crooked smiles of jack-o-lanterns glow from porches, and the crescent moon seems a little brighter in the midnight sky... Halloween is only a fortnight...