Zebra "Party Animal" Cake Topper

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Zebra "Party Animal" Cake Topper




Order today and get it between: 30th June - 31st June


Celebrate your stripes with our Zebra "Party Animal" Cake Topper! The perfect way to add a little wild style to all of your cakes and culinary creations. 

🥇 crafted from fine porcelain
👩‍🎨 meticulously hand painted in detail
🌳 heirloom quality
✔️ highly collectible
💝 individually gift boxed
✈️ free domestic shipping
🔍 65mm x 45mm x 40mm
🕯️ fits a 5mm-7mm candle

Have you always wanted to wish for more wishes? With our new ✨Wish of the Month Club✨ subscription, you can! Every month, we’ll send you one of our magically detailed, nature-inspired candle holders, so more wishes are always right around the corner.


The Story of the Camp Hollow Zebra

Beneath the star-speckled blanket of the night sky, the herd roamed the wide expanse of the savanna in search of a midnight snack. The previous day had welcomed the sun in all its bright, blazing glory, and though the dazzle of zebras delighted in the warm kiss of summer against their stripes, by nightfall they found themselves terribly hungry and thirsty, with nothing to graze upon but short blades of scorched grass and shallow pools of dust-streaked water. Always on the hunt for sustenance, the herbivores set off in search of greener pastures. As the night grew longer and their stomachs emptier, one of the herd-- a small, sweet zebra with a penchant for imagination and the heart of a dreamer-- looked skyward. Directly above her was the brightest star she’d ever seen, flickering against the inky heavens like a candle in a dark room. On this star she made a humble wish: that soon enough, her and her friends would come upon something delicious to eat. When she looked back down, a flash of light in the distance caught her eye. With her herd in tow she began to gallop towards the strange light, and soon realized it to be the fiery reflection of the star bouncing off the surface of a clear and brilliant stream. All along the water thick stalks of green grass swayed gently in the evening breeze, and the zebras, beckoned by this bountiful oasis, rushed over to graze and splash around to their heart’s content. 

The good luck of the wishful zebra becomes yours, on your birthday. Cast your wish on the glowing flame and look up to see before you something delicious to eat and share with your very own herd. 

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Heirloom Quality

Free Shipping

Highly Collectible

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Each creation is crafted from fine porcelain, hand-painted with detail, and packaged with care.