Jellyfish Necklace

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🎐 For 500 million years, jellyfish have been bobbing along the ocean’s currents, their gelatinous bodies and long tentacles swaying gently through the waves. But don’t underestimate these ancient invertebrates-- the jellyfish phylum contains over 10,000 species, some of which are extraordinarily dangerous. Luckily, the Camp Hollow jelly is of a more benign creature, and is totally content hanging cutely from our 24 inch 24k gold steel chain. Our red and pink hand-painted porcelain jellyfish charms also come individually gift boxed, and ship for free! Though Camp Hollow necklaces are made to last and meant to be passed down for generations, we can’t exactly guarantee a lifespan as long as these primordial plankton are used to in the wild.

📿Adorably stylish and completely unique, Camp Hollow’s line of whimsical wearables are made of high quality porcelain and painted in intricate detail to depict some of nature’s most beautiful creations!

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