Cheetah Porcelain Pendant Necklace Jewelry Animal Inspired Necklace Camp Hollow

Cheetah Cub “Touch of Gold” Necklace

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🐆 The cheetah cub, born small and scared into the big world, will soon grow into the fastest animal on Earth. She'll go from blind to blue eyed, hungry to hunting, helpless to headstrong. Camp Hollow's special edition “Touch of Gold” Cheetah Cub necklace embraces that resilient, ambitious spirit, with shining spots of gold to remind you of your worth and potential. Each necklace hangs on a 24 inch 24k gold steel chain, comes individually gift boxed, and ships for free!

📿Adorably stylish and completely unique, Camp Hollow’s line of whimsical wearables are made of high quality porcelain and painted in intricate detail to depict some of nature’s most beautiful creations!

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