Rainbow Zebra "Pastel Spectrum" Necklace

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It’s story time! Gather round the campfire ....🔥....Once upon a time there was a zebra born with colored stripes.. All the other zebras thought he was strange and wouldn’t play with him... He wished he had black-and-white stripes so he would be accepted by the other zebras... Meanwhile there were 3 colorblind cats... (add more to story)

..and the rainbow zebra became friends with those 3 cats and they all had a bunch of adventures... (end story)

Moral of the story (Diversity is Good👍)

• Collectible and Awesome✔️
• Porcelain✨Ceramic✨Stardust
• Incredibly Tiny
• 24" Stainless Steel Necklace Chain
• Individually Gift Boxed
• FREE Shipping



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