Coming Soon to Camp Hollow: Mushroom Hollow

It is a bright, clear morning at Camp Hollow. The rising sun has brought with it a warmth that hasn’t been felt for months now, a sure sign of spring on the horizon. No frost can be found hugging the blades of grass in the field, no cloud of fog appears when you exhale your first breath of the day. 

Standing beside your little canvas tent, you feel the toasted glow of the sun on your face. You hear the chirping of crickets, and the soft murmur of the animals awakening in the brush nearby. Before long, the birdsong swells around you, beckoning to you like church bells to the edge of the forest.

The woods are damp and dense, but alive and buzzing with the energy of a new season. The sun streams through the canopies, the dappled light illuminating a path for you to wander down. You follow it, noticing that curiously, everything has gone quiet. Only the gentle whistle of the wind, and the faint babble of a far-off stream, touch your ears. Where has everyone gone?

The path narrows towards a crowded thicket. Vines of vibrant green ivy dotted with violet flowers snake around each other, twisting themselves into a puzzle waiting to be solved. You approach the tangle and begin to forge through-- something is telling you that this is the way.

Your instincts, your innate understanding of nature, have led you here: to an epic clearing deep in the woods, a place bursting at the seams with life and motion! This must be the place, you think, where all of the animals go to welcome the dawn of spring.  

From behind a slender birch tree you watch as a riotous celebration unfolds before your eyes. Black bears rub sleep from their eyes and cast off their pajama hats before entering the fold of hopping rabbits and jumping frogs! Hedgehogs scurry happily along, foraging berries from the low bushes and collecting them in a pile for all to enjoy. Owls hoot from the treetops and ducks honk from the shallow pond, their joyous shouts melting into the happy chorus. You look closer and see that no, your eyes do not deceive you– the toadstools too are dancing along. Or is it… yes– gnomes! The enchanted little creatures wave the red-topped mushrooms around above their heads in joyous celebration. The new season is really here, and you’ve been chosen to witness its magic here in Mushroom Hollow. 

Stay tuned and stay curious, because more Mushroom Hollow magic is on the way! Coming spring of 2023