Find all your favorite village and farm animals in the Village + Farm collection from Camp Hollow. These delicate porcelain animal figurines are truly gifts from nature. Crafted from durable stardust porcelain, each necklace, and collectible figurine is designed to provide a lifetime of charm and delight. We lovingly paint each one by hand with amazing detail, bringing your favorite creatures to life. From the world’s tiniest ladybug to charming hedgehogs and barn swallows, you will have a hard time choosing just one to add to your collection or to give as a meaningful gift. Spring lambs, alpacas, tiny swans, and furry pups are just a few of the limited edition Village Farm collection options. Each figurine or necklace comes securely packaged in a gift box, shipped free within the United States. These affordable collectibles make it easy to build your collection of heirlooms or to get your loved one started on their own charming collection.

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