Set every corner of your imagination free to roam with the Camp Hollow collection of porcelain animal figurines. Dreams and fantasies come alive with these unique creations, crafted lovingly by our devoted and creative artisans. Select from animal necklaces and porcelain figurines designed to appeal to the dreamers and fantasy lovers among us. Delight in wearing your own hand-painted frog prince or bear king necklace. At Camp Hollow, pigs do indeed fly on gossamer wings. Rainbow zebras dance through your dreams while arctic seahorses swim to the depths of the seas. Choose a tiger king necklace to help you triumph through your days or a T.Rex party animal to adorn your celebratory table. You might not find a pink python in the wild, but you will fall in love with our whimsical tiny friend on a delicate, gold-plated chain. Each animal figurine in this collection comes to you in its own gift box and free domestic shipping is included with every purchase.

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