Year of the Rooster Cake Topper

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Year of the Rooster Cake Topper -  Camp Hollow
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Year of the Rooster Cake Topper






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Inspired by the ancient fable, Camp Hollow's new line of porcelain Cake Toppers celebrate the animals of the Chinese Zodiac. With a piece for each year in the lunar calendar cycle, this exciting new collection is perfect for celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions! Created from heirloom-quality porcelain and designed to last, these hand-painted masterpieces are unique gifts that will last from the Year of the Rat to the Year of the Pig and beyond! 

🥇 crafted from fine porcelain
👩‍🎨 meticulously hand painted in detail
🌳 heirloom quality
✔️ highly collectible
💝 individually gift boxed
✈️ free domestic shipping
🔍 65mm x 45mm x 40mm
🕯️ fits a 5mm-7mm candle

Year of the Rooster

Struggling in the water with the Goat and Monkey, the Rooster grabbed a passing plank of wood to use as a raft in a stroke of craftiness. Resourceful, observant, and realistic are people born in a Year of the Rooster. These hard-working folks shine under pressure, and are confident and straightforward in their thoughts, actions, and opinions. A little eccentric with a flare for fashion and style, Roosters can also be outgoing and enjoy some time in the spotlight. Their determination and self-assuredness can lead to blips of vanity, arrogance, and aggression, but often the Rooster’s contributions to thought and conversation warrant their more cutting behaviors. They make fiercely loyal friends, and devoted partners.


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Heirloom Quality

Free Shipping

Highly Collectible

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Crafted with Love

Each creation is crafted from fine porcelain, hand-painted with detail, and packaged with care.