Pomeranian Porcelain Figurine Dog Lover Pendant Necklace Camp Hollow

Pomeranian "My Poms da Bomb" Necklace

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Hi👋 Meet, Roxy🐕 She is a tiny pomeranian with a one of a kind spunky attitude. You never know what she is going to do next, and always loves to be the center of attention☺️ Her size is very convenient because she is extremely tiny🔍This makes it easy to take her along on all my adventures. Whether she’s hanging from my neck or nestled in her box, she can always remain safe and easily tag along👍 I can’t imagine a life without my little pom, Roxy❤️

Name and adopt your new tiny pet friend today🥳

Tiny porcelain pom hung on the perfect matching chain in your favorite of color;

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