In the beginning...

Chapter One: The Hollow Tree

JK looked at the patch of land he had stumbled upon with a steadily increasing sense of satisfaction.  It was perfect.  Quiet, humble, and beautiful, the area dubbed Camp Hollow served his needs perfectly.  There was just one question:  Where would he and his friends sleep?


Nighttime was on its way, and with it came chilly winds and the threat of rain.  JK began desperately searching for a place to take shelter.  After frantically scanning the area, a small piece of tarp rooted to a large oak tree caught his eye.  Upon closer inspection, he realized it was a fully set-up tent.  Suddenly doubting his solitude, he and his friends approached the tent, preparing to meet its inhabitant.


But there was no one inside.  With the skies beginning to open and a steady stream of rain beginning to fall, he climbed inside, closing the zipper behind him.  Suddenly, they were all seized by a strange sensation.  Not a feeling of fear or harm, but a feeling of belonging.  As if this tent had been left here by a benevolent power as a gift.  They might have spent the whole night pondering this strange feeling if they hadn't been so exhausted from their travels.  Within minutes, they were fast asleep.

Chapter Two: Dream Catcher

That night, JK and his friends dreamed the strangest dreams theyd ever dreamed.  They found themselves surrounded by creatures from every corner of the earth.  They suddenly couldnt tell if he was sleeping or not.  The creatures seemed to be figments of the imagination, and yet, they seemed so real.


All through the night, they were visited by one animal after another.  Imagination and reality seemed to be blending.  They soon found themselves inhabiting a strange in-between world.  At first, they felt a little bit of fear.  But eventually, they began to feel at ease.  Their minds gradually settled down, and before they knew it, they returned to a peaceful state of sleep.  Little did they know, they were about to wake up to an entirely new existence.

Chapter Three: Hello New World

JK was yanked from his sleep by a cacophony of noises unlike anything he had ever heard.  The hooting of owls, the stomping of elephants, the cries of cats large and small, and the barking of innumerable dogs all blended into one strange and enchanting noise.


Upon exiting his tent, he found the meadow to be completely transformed.  Whereas yesterday it was a place of solitude, now it had become a living zoo.  Defying every law of nature imaginable, animals from all over the world had gathered.  To add to the mystery, they seemed to be living in perfect harmony.


Cats and dogs walked paw in paw.  Elephants and lions shared a toast.  It was as if the Garden of Eden had been brought to life.  JK had barely wiped the sleep from his eyes when he began to realize what a magical discovery he had made.  


JK's friends began to emerge from the tent as well.  Quickly realizing the astounding situation they were in, the friends decided they had to share this strange experience with the rest of their friends.  A message was sent, and soon, the entire group had assembled.  

Chapter Four: Stardust

Where does reality end and art begin?  What is the difference between the two?  These questions have haunted the minds of some of historys greatest creators.  Yet for JK and crew, they were a mere afterthought.  They found themselves in a world where living beings happily embraced their existence as works of art.


Word spread quickly of the magical zoo that doubled as a museum.  People began trickling in, first from the local towns, and eventually from all over the world.  Camp Hollow was the first place of its kind.  Somewhere a person could come to feel complete harmony with nature, then take a little keepsake with them when they leave.  


Anyone who wanted to take their little share of the dream home was welcome to do so.  Each creature was happy to spend the rest of its existence reminding its new owner of the majesty of nature.  Every animal was individually prepared with its own personal story and mission statement.  These magical animals each fulfilled their destiny as a constant reminder of the infinite possibilities of existence.

Chapter Five: Infinite Creation

Overnight, Camp Hollow had become a magical place, spoken of in whispered tones throughout the land.  It was a place where fables could come to life, where dreamers could feel at home, and where an endless supply of beautiful creations could be found.


Today, owning even the smallest creation from Camp Hollow is considered a privilege.  Owning one of these beautiful little ornaments sends a message of love, acceptance, and happiness to the world.  


Camp Hollow is a place where the impossible is made possible every day.  Stories from ancient history are brought to life so that they can ring out through eternity.  And best of all?  Anyone who wants to own a tiny piece of this little slice of heaven can do so.  Welcome to the dream.